Athiya Deviyani

2nd year BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science student at The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom




Programming Languages
















Work Experience

Hack The Burgh V Organizer | CompSoc Edinburgh
October 2018 - Present

Responsibilities include: budgeting, negotiating with suppliers, IT logistics and planning, human resources, recruitment, technical support, and internal and external communications

Media Officer (specializing in Web Development) | PPI Edinburgh
October 2018 - Present

In charge of updating and maintaining the official website using the Ghost blogging platform (which requires proficiency in HTML and CSS) and other media-related affairs

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Informatics Class Representative | The University of Edinburgh
October 2018 - Present

IT Intern | The Body Shop Indonesia
July 2018 - August 2018
  • Focused on the development of a facial recognition system utilizing Python’s dlib and OpenCV library
  • Involved in Digital Supply Chain Management for retails and warehouse in national level
  • Received training and insight (during induction week) in several other divisions such as retail operations, store operations, eCommerce, brand marketing, social media strategy, self-branding, public speaking, and digital marketing

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IGCSE Teaching Assistant | Sekolah Global Indo-Asia
July 2015 - June 2017
  • Taught IGCSE ICT to senior high school students
  • Focused on both practical (involving database operations and document creation using Microsoft Office suite and web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver) and a variety of theory skills
  • Successful results with students receiving mostly As and A*s


The University of Edinburgh | BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
2017 - 2021 (expected)

Year 1 courses: Introduction to Linear Algebra, Economic Principles, Functional Programming, Computation and Logic, Object-Oriented Programming, Data and Analysis, Cognitive Science, Calculus and its Applications
Year 2 courses: Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning, Processing Formal and Natural Languages, Introduction to Computer Systems, Introduction to Software Engineering, Algorithms/Data Structures/Learning, Reasoning and Agents, Probability with Applications

Societies: Indonesian Society, Modern Dance, CompSoc, Hoppers (Women in Tech)
Clubs: Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Others: Composers' Orchestra, Sinfonia Orchestra

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia | High School Diploma, 1-12
2005 - 2017

CIE A levels – Mathematics (A*), Biology (A), Physics (A), Applied ICT (A)
High School National Examinations (UN SMA) – Mathematics (90), Physics (87.5), English (90), Indonesian Language (92)
IGCSE - Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), ICT (A*), English SL (A*), Indonesian (A*), Global Perspectives (A*)
Cambridge ICE - Distinction

TOEFL iBT Score – 110/120
ACT Score – Composite (32/36), Mathematics (36/36), Science (30/36), English (29/36), Writing (32/36)
SAT Subject Tests – Mathematics Level 2 (780/800), Physics (750/800), Chemistry (710/800)


HackCambridge 4D (2019) Winner | University of Cambridge
January 2019

Award(s): 1st place best hack using the Transferwise API
Project: Send Help!
Description: used information from ReliefWeb.int to generate a global disaster heat map and used Transferwise’s API to allow users to send money to select charities in their local currency without much loss due to exchange rates.
Technology/skills involved: HTML, CSS, Javascript (fetch requests), Transferwise API, UI/UX design, web design

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OxfordHack 2018 Winner | University of Oxford
November 2018

Award(s): 2nd place best overall hack, 3rd place best use of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Project: Student Reax
Description: used AWS Comprehend and Rekognition to analyze the sentiments from a list of feedbacks and detect facial expressions in real time to improve the quality of courses in a university.
Technology/skills involved: Amazon Web Services (Comprehend and Rekognition), Python

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HackUPC 2018 Winner | Polytechnic University of Catalonia
October 2018

Award(s): 2nd place in the iThinkUPC challenge
Project: MyUPC
Description: a web platform/application where students can access important information regarding their studies, accommodation, and more. Also includes a reward system that converts good grades to store credits.
Technology/skills involved: HTML, CSS, web design, UI/UX design

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Graduation Awards | Sekolah Global Indo-Asia
June 2017

Best in Mathematics
Best in Physics
Best in Biology
Best in Bahasa Indonesia
Best in ICT
Best in Arts
Best in Music

Distinction in Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) | Cambridge Assessment International Education
June 2015


InfPALS Leader | Edinburgh University Students' Association
September 2018 - December 2018

  • Planned and led organized sessions for first year Informatics students
  • Facilitated and encourage discussion amongst students so they learn through each other as peers
  • Developed skills such as planning, timekeeping, communication, problem solving and teamwork

Hack The Burgh 2018 Volunteer | CompSoc Edinburgh
March 2018

Habitat for Humanity
2015 - 2016

Disaster and humanitarian relief

Lions Club International

Social services